Jane, Patty and Margie

Jane, Patty and Margie

Mrs. Radke, Aunt Ruth, Grandmother Cavanagh

Aunt Janet and Uncle Jack

Grandmother Cavanagh

Mom, Uncle John, and Aunt Mary

Aunt Mary and friends

Aunt Mary

Mom and friends

Uncle Tom

Uncle Lester

My Grandfather, Mr. John Cavanagh, Christmas 1949

Aunt Reba and Uncle Ed

My Grandmother Rachel Cavanagh, Great Grandmother Marlee Ahrens Kemp, Great Grandmother's husband Alex Kemp, Georgey Cavanagh, and Uncle Tom - 1955

Aunt Ruth, Uncle John, and Mom

My Grandfather, Mr. John Cavanagh

My great-grandmother Woodruff (nee Ahrens) and her second husband

My Mom and Dad, around 1952 or 1953

My Aunt Janet, Isn't this a beautiful picture?

Aunt Mary and Uncle Burke - 1937

Uncle John

Aunt Ruth and Aunt Mary

Gertrude Florence Gerber

Unlce Jack and Nancy 1986

Mary and Kelly, July 28, 2002

Cavanagh Family

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