Jo was a stray that was wondering around in the woods near our house. She was probably born sometime in late 2001 or early 2002. We captured her in early winter 2002, and, with the help of our local SPCA, kept her fed and warm in a large cage for a couple of months. We had her checked out by a local vet and neutered in early 2003, then brought her inside. She was very frightened and shy, and still very wild, for several months. Eventually she was able to join the other cats and frolic around in the house. Then around the beginning of 2004, she allowed us to finally touch her and give her a scratch. Today she is very friendly and greatly enjoys our company.

Jo, June 2004

Jo, November 2003

Jo, November 20, 2002

We actively support the Montgomery County SPCA.
Our cats Chevy and Heathcliffe were captured ferals that we adopted from the MC SCPCA in 1998.

Heathcliffe, Summer 2002

Here is Heathcliffe's adoption record at the MSPCA.
Heathcliffe was born on or about June, 1996.

From his humble beginnings at a horse farm in Poolesville--not the moors of England--
Heathcliffe has made excellent progress at the MCSPCA shelter. This 1 1/2-year-old
domestic shorthair gray tabby is playful, especially with other young playful cats.

Chevy, August 2000

Here is Chevy's adoption record at the MSPCA.
Chevy was born on or about April, 1997.

Chevy was found at a car dealership in Gaithersburg -- guess which type of car.
Chevy is a quiet, shy cat who would probably do best in a quiet, adult household.
Once he trusts you a little, he gets very friendly. He loves to sit in his little
cat bed and watch the world go by. He is quite affectionate and sweet.

Heathcliffe in a sink

Heathcliffe in a hutch

Rusty, Summer 2002

Rusty celebrated his seventeenth birthday on October 31, 2002.

Heathcliffe and Chevy relaxing on a kitty bedspread

Chevy and Rusty eye each other suspiciously

Rusty getting ready for a nibble, with Heathcliffe, as usual, waiting for any leftovers

Chevy and Heathcliffe - January 1999

Heathcliffe, August 2000

Chevy and Heathcliffe - 2000

Heathcliffe - 2000

Heathcliffe and Chevy - 1999

Rusty in Milford

Lynch kitties

Iggy, sitting on top of a Mac

Gift from Sylvester

Rose for Sylvester

Don't feed your kitty too much, or he'll end up like this

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