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The Blizzard of 2003

It's scary waking up to finding three feet of snow drifted onto the roof outside the bedroom on the second floor.

Today's major task, cleaning out the driveway. Whew.

Cool drift on top of Shed #1's roof.

View from the road.

How long will the garage roof hold up with two feet of snow on it?

The driveway. Whew, again.

There are shrubs underneath those huges piles of snow next to the Famous Shed.

There's only a couple of feet to go before the grape vine is completely covered.

More New Stuff

Yearbook Photos

Jane, Patty, Margie, Susie the Dog, and Charlie the Cat

Jane (age 11), Patty (age 13), Margie (age 10), and King the Pony.
King was a mean and nasty pony.
He threw me into a stump.
Later he killed my goose.

OPNAV Group Photo

Christ United Methodist Church, Chestertown, Maryland

Andrew wearing his cool Christmas hat

Andrew smiling

Jenna and Andrew

Jenna, Andrew and Victor

Family Christmas

Lynch Building

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